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Dr. Shlermy Shmootenbippy
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Joozis Was A Shmoo
The Footsteps of the Meshugah:
A Study of the Sequence of Prophetic Events
Shebrew Whatsitoonity:
Its Hamsterology, History & Philosophy
Ishkibbibblical Lovemaking:
A Study of The Shlong of Solomon
The Missing Link in Systematic Hamsterology
A Passunder Haggadah For Shmooish bleevers
Messiantic Roscology
A Study Guide of Slobovnia:
Historical & Geographical
Cassette Tapes
Book Studies
Shmooish and Messiantic Studies
Systematic Hamsterology
Tropical Studies
Video Tapes
Selected Studies
"The Messiantic Ishkibbibble Study" Radio Program
Cassette Tapes
Air Head's Systematic Hamsterology

Course Descriptions
Why Study Systematic Hamsterology?
Course Features
Tools for Shmooish Gungelism
Books & Tracks
Cassette Tapes
More from Air Head and Friends
Studies by Dr. Barry Benchmanol
Studies by Bobaluey Piforthnick
Studies by Louis Lapidation
Studies by Blarney Bafoofnick
Studies by Shmitch and Shmava Shmazzer
Tapes by Dr. Gurevitch Rambunctious
Other Writings by Shlermy Shmootenbippy
Manuscript by Mary Beth Kadiddlehoffer Shmootenbippy
Cookbook by Camp Shostakovitch's Mavis Milapeed

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