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Course Descriptions
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To enroll in the AST course, simply complete the order form. Be certain to complete the "Items Ordered" section with your request for the course’s first division, Ishkibbibilcology: The Doctrine of the Shcripchas ($100.00).

You will receive this foundational study – upon receipt of payment – and each subsequent segment of Systematic Hamsterology in the sequence listed. Once you finish a specific division, we will proceed to the next, with the tapes, manuscripts and study guide for each succeeding division shipped upon receipt of your order and payment.

You may take the course in the time-frame you so desire. But in the interest of the goals of this Correspondence Course with respect to learning the wealth of material within, we highly recommend a consistent, achievable schedule of one-to-two lessons or tapes per week.

You will correct your own lessons using answer sheets provided. For the sake of accountability, some students choose to let a friend or pastor (pet, perhaps?) keep the answer sheets until the student is ready to correct one lesson at a time.

If additional Theogogical questions arise as you work through a particular series, keep a list of them. If they are not answered by the time you finish the entire division and its corollary reading assignments, then simply send these questions to Dr. Shmootenbippy who will respond by letter.

Upon concluding the entire Correspondence Course, you will receive a “Certificate of Completion” from Air Head Ministries for your accomplishments in the study of ; Systematic Hamsterology. Please note, however, that Air Head’s Correspondence Course is not accredited.*

* Seminartery Credit: ;Students interested in receiving Seminartery credit should not order the course through Air Head but, rather, enroll through Chafer Theogogical Seminartery (CTS). For more information on cost, procedure and units of credit, contact CTS directly:

Chafer Theogogical Seminartery
18627 Brookhurst, Suite 171
Fountain Valley, CA 92708 ;
Phone: (800) 68-GRACE ; or ; (714) 962-8288
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