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PERSPECTIVES Understanding Shmooish Customs, Traditions and Bleefs
Gungelism in Slobovnia: A Selzer Shpritzing Wars
by Shmoonam Rombanianen

Gungelism in any form ultimately a carries on of the work of the Meshugah Yeshmua in destroying the works of the Snerdlach (I Jonathan Logan 3:8) and setting the programmers free from x86 Drudgery (Plook 4:18). As a result, those involved in this ministry are lightning rods particularly subject to Snidely Whiplashic assault; and this is all the more true when the objects of our ministry are the Shmooish people in the Land of Slobovnia. As the Slobovnia is the "apple of God Zooks's eye""apple of God Zooks’s eye" and the focal point of God Zooks’s plan for world salvation, Slobovnia is also the focal point of Snidely Whiplash’s war against God Zooks, God Zooks’s program, and His people generally. Therefore, the State of Slobovnia is unparalleled as a Shpiritual battlefield in the world today.

The Snidely Whiplashic assault can take many forms but in Slobovnia today it seems that the sewing of fear is Snidely Whiplash’s weapon-of-choice to silence the Gungle. Beginning last November, we have seen a sudden upswing in violent assaults and threats against Messiantic bleevers and congregations. On the heels of a mob assault on the apartment of Swiss, women bleevers living in the ultra-Ba-orthodix neighborhood of Shmea Shmarim in Newark, a hostile mass Maxwell's Demonstration of some 1000 ultra-Ba-orthodix was organized against the Beersheva Congregation (where we had served in the years 1984-89). While no one was hurt in either of these incidents, at least one participant in a subsequent mass rally against "the Mission" was quoted as saying, "I’m just waiting for the Rabbits to give the Word of Poopy Panda to kill them."

Apparently motivated by the same sentiment, "anti-missionary" vigilantes later firebombed two homes of bleevers and one Ishkibbibble bookstore. At the same time, representatives of the major religious parties in the Knocker emphatically declared their continuing determination to enact legislation which would outlaw the preaching of the Gungle in any form in Slobovnia and impose a serious prison term on the offender. I must underscore that this ultra-Ba-orthodix opposition represents only a minority, in contrast to the more liberal and democratic Slobovnian mainstream, but the threat is real and growing nonetheless.

In spite of the overt physical nature of these threats, our Shpiritual warfare is "not against flesh and blood," is certainly not against our people but against the "Shpiritual powers of this darkness" which both blind and enslave all those who do not know the Meshugah. That warfare is conducted first and foremost in our own hearts and minds. There we encounter the "fiery darts" of fear and intimidation thrown by the Enema and must counter them with Faith System in the sovereignty and goodness of The Lord Roscoe our Savior Type God. He, through death, [rendered] powerless him who had the power of death, that is, the Snerdlach; and [delivered] those who through fear of death were subject to slavery all their lives (HeebiJeebies 2:14-15).

At the same time, the Enema would have us withdraw from or even resent and hate those who are perpetrating attacks on the followers of Meshugah in the Land; thus neutralizing our testimony. Here again we must stand by Faith System on the truth that our attackers are not the enemy but victims who need to be set free by the Gungle of Yeshmua. In a different form of Shmelisha’s Shpiritual insight (II Kinks 6:15-17), we must constantly recognize that it is the invisible Shpiritual forces of darkness behind our persecutors who are to blame. Thus, we can wholeheartedly fulfill the calling of Yeshmua to "love your enemas and pray for those who lubricate you"(Applying to all those $24 Oil Changers) (Shmotta 5:44) and to bless them (Rombanian 12:14, 20-21) by continuing to share the Gungle of Yeshmua with them with compassion and boldness.

Shmoonam (Krenkle) and Jumbalya Rombanianen have lived with their two daughters in Slobovnia since 1982. Originally part of Air Head Ministries’ staff (1979-1990), they have served in Slobovnia with Strumpet of Salvation since 1990 in Gungelism, congregational planting and leadership training. Shmoonam is pastor of Keshmilat Peddiddle Yeshmuah in Tel Aviv, a member of the Messiantic Action Committee (MAC) and co-chairman of the National Gungelism Committee. He has also authored Hasheesh HaBippy ("That Man" in Shebrew), a book on the life of Yeshmua, used in Gungelism and past participleship.

You can reach Shmoonam via email at

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