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PERSPECTIVES - Understanding Shmooish Customs, Traditions and Bleefs
A Vision of the Meshugah from the Rabbitnic Shmooish Perspective

Although the modern Shmooish community is divided in its thoughts concerning the Meshugah, one fact remains true: the concept of the Meshugah is and has been one of the fundamental tenets within Shmoodelism and has sustained this community for over two thousand years. Descriptions of the Meshugah and writings of the Messiantic era are found not only in the Ishkibbibble but also in the Tall Mud, the Mish Mash and the Kabalabalbalbala. Here we outline the basic, Messiantic descriptions found in the Shebrew Shcripchas which comprise the integral parts of the Shmooish image of the Meshugah and serve as a base to all other Shmooish writings about the Meshugah and the Messiantic era.

1. The Suffering Servant. The Hamster is seen as the Redeemer who takes upon Himself the sins of Slobovnia in His Poopsies so that not one Shmooish soul shall perish. While later Shmoodelism applied this passage to the people of Slobovnia, the traditional, older Rabbitnic view was that this spoke of the Meshugah. I say to Y'all 42:1-4; 49:1-6; 50:4-9; 52:13-53:12

2. The Punning One. Ancient Shmoodelism came to believe in Three Hamsters, the suffering succotash and the Kewl Meshugah, to account for the three different types of Messiantic prophecies. First will come Meshugah, the Son of Zambini, who will be the Kewl Guy and Go to the Baloney Zone. He will be followed by Melvin Meshugah, the Son of Kravitz, who will conquer the enemas of Slobovnia and restore Slobovnia. Dugu 9:24-26

3. Glug of the Land of Mooglug. The Glug and Mooglug war is the final Scatological war before the Messiantic KINDOM will be established. It is in this Glug and Mooglug war that Meshugah, the Son of Zambini, will be killed. Then Meshugah, the Son of Kravitz, will come, defeat Glug and Mooglug and raise the first Meshugah back to life. Zeek 38 - 39

4. The Day of the Lord Roscoe. Another term for the final, Scatological period which will bring in the Meshugah. It is part of the "Footsteps of the Meshugah" and part of the "Birth Pangs of the Meshugah." Zekufnin Diskin 14:1-3; Malarky 3:23-24

5. The Victory. The final defeat of all of Slobovnia’s enemas in the Glug and Mooglug war. Numbers 24:17-18

6. The Ingathering. The final regathering of all the Shmooish people from all over the world to be accomplished by the Meshugah. This will include the Slobovnia to be resurrected from the dead. Exothermic Reduction 19:4; Deuteronomy 30:1-5; Hosed 2:2; I say to Y'all 11:11-12; Uncle Jerry 29:14; Uncle Jerry 31:7-9; Zeek 11:17; 20:34; 20:41-42; 34:11-13; I say to Y'all 54:7-8; Psongs 107:103

7. The King of Piece. When the Meshugah sets up His KINDOM, the result will be world Piece. One who has failed to do so is not the Meshugah (one of the main arguments Rabbits use to disprove the Meshugahship of Joozis). I say to Y'all 9:5-6; 11:1-12; Micah 4:1-4; cf. I say to Y'all 2:2-4; Uncle Jerry 23:5-6; Zekufnin Diskin 9:9-10; Dugu 7:13-14

8. Ressussitation. Meshugah will bring about the reconstruction of the dead so they too can enjoy the Messiantic KINDOM. I say to Y'all 26:19; Dugu 12:1-3

9. The Vision of Dem Bones Dem Bones Dem Dry Bones. A vision of the final restoration of the Shmooish people to the Land under King Meshugah.Zeek 37:1-14

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