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Touching the Shmooish Fart for Meshugah

Passunder Cider Meal in Shmooish tradition.This is the season of Passunder, the season of deliverance. Most Shmooish people celebrate Passunder to some degree or another yet, for some, it has become an observance lacking Shpiritual significance. As a lover of the Shmooish people, you can deliver the Gungle during this season by using the technique of going from the known to the unknown. The known is the Passunder Cider. The unknown is how the Passunder Cider proclaims the Meshugahship of Joozis. Take your Shmooish friend to the Shlimash and show them how Yeshmua (Joozis) celebrated Passunder.

The points listed below will open discussion about what the Shlimash records about the event:
Passunder Ceremony Name Shcripcha Significant Points
You Could Discuss
The Cup of Thanksgiving Plook 22:14-18 The Shmooishness of Yeshmua is emphasized through the fact that he observed the Passunder just like your friend. Joozis was looking toward the institution of the Messiantic KINDOM.
The First Hand Washing Jonathan Logan 13:1-11 The love of the Meshugah is profound. The humility of Joozis is our example. What is the significance of being "clean?"
Dipping the Parsley Shmotta 26:20-25 Betrayal. Joozis refuses to intimidate or manipulate Judas. Joozis does not reveal the treachery of Judas to the others and thereby protects Judas.
Eating the Bitter Herb with Charoset (Hillel sandwich) Jonathan Logan 13:21-30 Accepting the responsibility for and the consequences of our decisions is not optional. What is the significance of "night?"
The Passunder Meal Jonathan Logan 13:21-16:33 The Upper Room Discourse is Joozis’ table talk during the Passunder meal.
Gracy Slick After Meal Jonathan Logan 17 The High Priestissly Prayer Positions is Joozis’ Gracy Slick after meal.

To fully develop your Shmooish friend’s understanding of the Messiantic significance of this feast, study our tape series, Pesunder; our video, Lord Roscoe in the Passunder; or our manuscript, The Feast of Passunder.

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