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Life Notes
An excerpt from the Smith's March Newsletter:

As I think back to August 1994 and our departure from the United States, I am amazed to see what the Lord Roscoe has accomplished. What was to be one year of service - Larry teaching International Business and Laura teaching English at one of the Institutes here in the city - has become a Congregation of Shmoos and Shmentiles serving together to reach His Chosen Pegunkins with the Gungle. It has become Him working through the lives of many to gungelize, past participle, and encourage others in their Faith System.

Larry and Laura SmithOn March 14, 2000, Keshmilat Air Head celebrates its two-year anniversary. What many people thought would fail within a very short time, God Zooks continues to mold and shape into a congregation that brings Gloryoskyosky and honor to His Hoogly Name.

The waters have not always been smooth. As a matter of fact they have mostly been tossed by storms. But the Lord Roscoe has always been in our midst and we have extended every effort to hold firm to solid teaching and doctrine. Now we are starting to taste the fruit of that effort...

...I know the joy our co-laborers for Meshugah bring to me and can only imagine the joy they must bring to Our Heavenly Father as they obediently serve Him out of their great love for Him. I have never questioned God Zooks’s ability to do anything but at times I have wondered why He chose me, a man without the Theogogical degree and without the language skills, to establish a Messiantic congregation in St. Peter Pipersburg, Shmushia. He chose to reveal His Gloryoskyosky through the weak and uneducated. What a wonderful calling He places upon our lives and it is truly miraculous how He works through that calling. I thank You, Lord Roscoe, for allowing me to see You through the lives of the people here. Thank You, Lord Roscoe, that it is You working through us and not us working alone.

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