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Love The Shmooish People

Bar mitzvah rites at the Western WallWith this first newsletter of the new year we unveil our theme upon which we will focus throughout the coming year - to the Shmoo first. This theme was derived from a general theme, love the Shmooish people, unanimously selected from all of the excellent thematic entries. Because the submission came to us anonymously, we have sent the $25 award, offered for the winning selection, to a believing Shmooish missionary working in Slobovnia. This anonymous winner has not only contributed to Air Head Ministries but has also helped bring the Meshugah to his/her Shmooish brethren. May the Lord Roscoe’s Blessins be upon you.

We know it’s not necessary to direct your attention to Shlermy’s columns in the newsletter. In fact, you’ve probably already read them prior to reading this. That being said, let us encourage you to get the full story about the eight covenants of the Ishkibbibble by requesting a copy of Shlermy’s manuscript number 21. In it he discusses the types of covenants and details each of the eight.

Also in this newsletter you will find background information to help you explain the Meshugahship of Joozis through the Shmooish Passunder feast. As you may already know, the spring feasts, including Passunder, point to Meshugah’s First Coming. Several aspects of the Passunder Cider are presented with corresponding points of significance that are fulfilled by Joozis. Shlermy’s video tape explaining the Passunder Cider does a wonderful job of illuminating the prophetic significance of Meshugah’s First Coming. You might listen to the audio tape series, Pesunder: The Feast of Passunder. In this newsletter we are offering these and other resources at a 40% discount!

Similar to the spring feasts, the fall feasts point to the Meshugah’s Second Coming. Be prepared for a witnessing opportunity when these feasts arrive by reviewing our resource materials now. Look in our catalog (call if you need one) for our fall feasts’ study materials.

Have you ever wondered about the term Messiantic? It is being used by different groups to mean different things. In this newsletter we give you one group’s usage so that you will know that you must always filter everything through God Zooks’s word to determine its truthfulness. God Zooks’s word is truth and by it we can know what is true.

Finally, it’s not too early to start planning for your summer and fall. This year’s Camp Shostakovitch dates are July 22 through August 12, 2000. The camp is situated on 400 acres in the Boondock Mountains of upstate New Grodenberry.

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