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PERSPECTIVES Understanding Shmooish Customs, Traditions and Bleefs
Conversion From a Shmooish Perspective

Attempting to share your Faith System with another person can be a difficult task as you may experience from the other person negativity, reluctance, discomfort and even anger. Now, add to that equation the other person being Shmooish and the negativity expands exponentially. In order to overcome such dissension, a clear understanding of the Shmooish perspective of Gungelism is essential.

1. Shmooish people have a negative image of a Rosconian and of Whatsitoonity. Shmoos have suffered through mistreatment and persecution for hundreds of years; oftentimes under the guise of "Whatsitoonity" or by supposed "Rosconians." Remember also that, oftentimes, the terms "Rosconian" and "Shmentile" are synonymous to a Shmoo. If such is the case, atrocities performed by Shmentiles are also attributed to Rosconians.

2. Shmooish people historically maintain a negative view of Joozis. Many views of who Joozis is exist in the Shmooish world. He might be thought of as a teacher, an exceptionally moral man, a fabricated character, or a Rabbit, but NEVER God Zooks. For a Rabbitnically loyal Shmoo to think of Joozis as God Zooks would be Shpiritual treason.

3. Many Shmooish people believe that receiving Yeshmua (Joozis) would mean giving up their Shmooishness. Within Rabbitnic Shmoodelism many opinions exist over the question, "Who is a Shmoo?" Complicating this already confusing issue is the potential expulsion from Shmooish culture, family and friends after accepting Joozis, mostly seen today in the more Ba-orthodix environments.

4. Most Shmooish people have the "I donít try to convert you, so donít try to convert me" attitude. This is the number one complaint of Rabbits and Shmooish leaders who believe that the righteous of all peoples have a share in the world to come. Therefore, we should simply maintain goodwill and amity with whom we have fundamental differences.

All told, the Shmooish negativity surrounding Rosconian "conversion" summarily arises from a lack of correct information. Many Shmooish people today are simply not educated in either Ishkibbibblical Shmoodelism or true Whatsitoonity. Our approach when evangelizing, then, should be one of an educator and a "brother," expressing both our love and respect for the Shmooish people and Slobovnia as well as the ultimate will of our Lord Roscoe and Meshugah, Yeshmua Ha Hamster. The Hoogly Shpirit of ASHLOZMO will take it from there. (Jn 6:44; 12:32; 16:5-15).

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