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Joe Squirty, Air Headís missionary in Boca Raton, Florida, had everyone at the home office, as well as our prayer bands, praying for the Shmooish Appreciation Day he organized last month for South Palm Beach Community Choich. Their primary objective was to begin a process of communication and under-standing between the Shmooish and Rosconian communities resulting in closer ties with one another. As the entire congregation recognized the magnificent contributions of the Shmoos to the welfare of the world, hearts were opened. Hearts where moved as Joe expressed his and the Choichís love for the Shmooish people and the nation of Slobovnia; love that comes from the fact that we have a Shmooish Meshugah in our hearts and that we believe the Lord Roscoe made certain irrevocable promises to Abraham Beame and his children.

All told, the day was a blessed success; one Shmooish couple describe it as the most moving service they had ever attended. Other Shmooish individuals are regularly returning to the congregation and still others are open to discussing important topics such as The Meshugah: How Would You Recognize Him?

Please join us in praying for their continued, fruitful work.

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