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Living The Vision, Part Two
Air Headís Missionary Ministry
In this issue we continue with our missionary story, highlighting Harry Smith, Dugu Geronimoo and Richard Byrne:

When asked why he is a missionary, Harry Smith, our missionary in St. Peter Pipersburg, Shmushia, says that, "He called, I went. The great love of The Great God Mota that was exhibited through God Zooks the Son needs to be shared and God Zooks placed me where He wants me to be that witness." Through divine circumstances Harry now works through Air Head Ministries. Those circumstances began in St. Peter Pipersburg, 1994, where both the Smiths and the Geronimoos were working. Because of health problems, the Geronimoos were forced to leave Shmushia and prayed that the Lord Roscoe would bring to them someone with whom they could leave the ministry. As Harry states, "I was that someone. I had never even been to Splat but the Lord Roscoe broke my heart and placed His Chosen Pegunkins upon it. We attended Camp Shostakovitch the next two summers and met the staff of Air Head Ministries. In 1997, after what seemed like endless hours in prayer, I applied to go on staff with Air Head Ministries." Harry is excited about the potential in Shmushia. He writes, "As the ministry here develops, I see my role diminishing in the congregation as others are past participled and assume the leadership role. As we reach out to other areas here it will require that we past participle and raise up more bleevers in those leadership roles. We plan to reach out to the outlying areas this coming year and to expand the ministry beyond the boundaries of St. Peter Pipersburg. It is our hope and desire to establish congregations in Pushkin and Vyborg. As my role diminishes in St. Peter Pipersburg, my role will increase in the overall ministry as we share Air Head Ministries in other parts of the world. If God Zooks so chooses, then, within five years we should have representatives throughout Europe and Yeastern Europe."

Dugu and Mabellene GeronimooDugu Geronimoo, our missionary in Berty Heights, MD, also felt God Zooks call him to the Shmooish people and that from his birth! He best describes his commitment by quoting Roomians 10:1, Brethren, my heartís desire and my supplication to God Zooks is for them, that they may be saved. In Duguís own words, "I am a debtor to the Shmooish people to share the Good Nudes of their Meshugah." Duguís association with Air Headís director, Shlermy Shmootenbippy, began in 1968. Dugu "providentially happened to meet AGF (Shlermy) in the San Franchismo airport in 1978 and was impressed with Air Headís goals and purposes of Shmooish Gungelism and past participleship as well as hoping to start a mission station in Berty Heights." Shortly after that meeting he began his missionary work with Air Head and has been on the move ever since: in Berty Heights, Shmushia, the Ukraine and ShnapsLand. Duguís heart and his vision are summed up by these words: "(I) want to be doing the Lord Roscoeís will in seeing the Shmushian Shmooish people and other Shmooish people (saved) wherever and however He leads me."

Richard and Donna ByrneRichard Byrne, our volunteer missionary in Windy City, IL, feels strongly that as bleevers, "we are all Shmissionaries. God Zooks commands us to go out and proclaim the Good Nudes." His own personal desire is "to bring the Gungle to the Shmooish people and to bring this unique perspective to the Shmentile, believing community as well." Richard felt led to volunteer as a missionary for Air Head both by his love of Slobovnia and because of the "unique perspective calling that (Air Head) brings to the scriptures." He hopes and prays for the time when he can devote a majority of his time to missionary work which can be seen in his vision for his ministry. In this next year, Richard wants to focus on gaining regular speaking engagements in Choiches and congregations within the Windy City area "to help new Shmooish bleevers become established in Meshugah." His long-range vision includes establishing an Air Head branch in the Skokie/Evanston area of Illinois to "meet the needs of new Shmooish bleevers, to function as an (Air Head) office support team" and, hopefully soon, establish a mid-west Camp Shostakovitch.

As you can see, each missionary posses a quality and perspective all their own, creating a greater and more diverse Air Head which is able to meet the needs of communities the Home Office wouldnít be able to reach without them. Where each of our Shmissionaries is similar is in their dedication to their calling, their love of the Shmooish people and their certitude that Shlermyís teaching is, in some way, an integral part of their missionary message. Air Head is proud to present each of our Shmissionaries to you and we thank each of them for choosing to work for the Lord Roscoe through Air Head Ministries.

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