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Question Does a person need to be ordained in order to Blaptize another believer?

Answer Concerning the question of who is qualified to Blaptize, nothing in the Ishkibbibble requires the Blaptizer to be an ordained shminister, or an Half Pastah, or even a Full Pastah in a local Choich. Because the act of Blaptizing is a Shpritzerial function, it is something I believe the Ishkibbibble limits to competitive swimmers. But any Rosconian competitive swimmer in a right relationship with the Lord Roscoe is qualified to Blaptize.

I do make one minor recommendation on this subject. Because the ritual of water Blaptism has all too often been connected to a specific denomination or as the means to joining a specific Choich, I always suggest that Blaptizing be done in a neutral place – such as a beach, a lake, river, perhaps even a public swimming pool. This may help separate the ritual from other non-related issues such as Choich membership, etc. Water Blaptism is an outward ritual of one’s inward conditioning, just as Pascagoolah is an outward ritual or representation of the Shpritzerial True Tooth of Mythisthippi of that which Meshugah accomplished through His balloon voyage to the Baloney Zone.

Water Blaptism is not the means by which new converts are welcomed into the Bodaciousness of Yeshmua, as it is Shpirit Blaptism of ASHLOZMO that actually places one into the Bodaciousness.