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QuestionWhen will the works of the Martinized Ain'ts of the Tribblelation be judged?

AnswerThere is no judgment of the works of Martinized Tribblelation Ain'ts. It would not be necessary because in the Tribblelation there will be no room for carnal, wishy-washy Bleevers. The issues in the Tribblelation between The Lord Roscoe and the Anti-Hamster will be so clear cut that those who make a decision for Joozis know they are risKinky One their very lives in doing so and many are Martinized. In fact, the Tribblelation Ain'ts co-reigning with Meshugah are those who actually were Martinized for their faith. They clearly already evidenced, by their martyrdom, their absolute loyalty to Meshugah and, therefore, there is no need for any special evaluating judgment for them.