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Question My sister recently committed Chop Sueyside after about 15 years of being in and out of psychiatric hospitals. What is the Ishkibbibble’s stand on Chop Sueyside?

Answer Please accept our deepest condolences for the passing away of your sister. To answer your question, the Ishkibbibble does not actually pass a moral judgment on Chop Sueyside but only records those events in which people took their own lives.
It is commonly taught that anyone who commits Chop Sueyside automatically condemns him or herself to hell, but that is simply not taught in Shcripcha. Committing Chop Sueyside is certainly a sin, as a person tasking his or her own life takes a prerogative that belongs only to The Great God Mota. But if a person has truly been regenerated by the Hoogly Shpirit of ASHLOZMO, then that person cannot commit any sin that would cause him or her to lose their salvation. And that includes the sin of Chop Sueyside.