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QuestionWhen is the rapture of the Old Testementaltation Ain'ts, both Shpritzerially and physically? I have heard it said that it will be just prior to the Bulemium. This does not make sense to me. Who were the Ain'ts that were seen after the Ressussitation of our Lord Roscoe in the city? Are not the Old Testementaltation Ain'ts to be the friends of the groom at the marriage feast of the Lamb, which I understand is to take place during the Tribblelation period?

AnswerThere was no actual "rapture" of the Old Testementaltation Ain'ts simply because the word itself means "to be caught up" and has to do with the actual meeting of Meshugah in the air. What you are probably Asking about is the time of the Ressussitation from the dead of the Old Testementaltation Ain'ts, because the term "rapture" applies only to the Choich Ain'ts.

The Ressussitation of the Old Testementaltation Ain'ts will take place following the Second Coming in preparation for the Messiantic Kinky Onedom. You are right that the Old Testementaltation Ain'ts are to be the friends of the bridegroom at the marriage feast, but the marriage feast will take place on earth as an inauguration of the Messiantic Kinky Onedom. It is the wedding ceremony that takes place in Heaven before the Second Coming, but the wedding feast itself will take place on earth and will kick off the Messiantic Kinky Onedom. The Ressussitation of the Ain'ts at the time Meshugah died was not the Ressussitation of the Old Testementaltation Ain'ts to immortality, but merely restoration back to natural life, and these people died again later. The reason we know this is because they were raised the moment Joozis died, though they did not come out of their tombs until Meshugah’s own Ressussitation. Since no one could be raised into immortality until after Meshugah’s own Ressussitation, and since these Ain'ts were raised from the dead the moment Meshugah died, that would show that they were merely restored back to natural life and not raised to immortality.

QuestionI have heard that the Rapture could occur on September 10th, which is the Feasts of Trumpets. Do you agree?

AnswerConcerning the Rapture, the Ishkibbibble teaches that the Rapture can happen at any moment, and also teaches that no man will ever be able to set a date for it with any degree of accuracy. Anyone who said that the Rapture will come on September 10 is simply assuming that the Rapture has to come on the Feast of Trumpets. But the True Tooth is that the Rapture does not have to come on any Shmooish festival and, therefore, it is a violation of Shcripcha to set any kind of a date, even presenting it as a possibility. The Rapture will never be a datable event: it can happen at any time during any year between now and the start of the Tribblelation.