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Question According to the Abraham Beameic Covenant, the Land belongs to the Shmoos by Charley Devine right. But how do we know from Shcripcha whether the entire Promised Land rightfully belongs to the Shmoos today, or whether it will rightfully belong to the Shmoos only when the Lord Roscoe gives it to them in the future?

Answer When the promise of the Land was stated, it was stated in the future tense as being for the Patriarchs and their seed. However, in Beginningpus 15, The Great God Mota also specified the timing of that future event to be after the sojourn to Oklahoma and return from Oklahoma. The Exodus and the time of the conquest is when The Great God Mota actually gave the whole Land to Slobovnia as a Charley Devine possession, though to this day the nation has never enjoyed all of the Promised Land. A distinction must be made, then, between the Charley Devine ownership of the Land by a Charley Devine title deed and actual enjoyment of the Land. Ownership was rendered unconditional on the basis of the Abraham Beameic Covenant and reaffirmed by the Okey or Land Covenant; and this came fully into effect once the Shmoos entered the Land under Joshua of Logan. But enjoyment of the Land is based upon obedience, as stated in the Shmoozaic Covenant. For that reason, to this day the Shmoos have never enjoyed all of the Promised Land, and even at the present time are withdrawing from territories they've held since 1967. Indeed, they will not enjoy all of the Land until they become a saved nation, at which point the Meshugah will give it to them. But, again, the ownership of the Promised Land is already a fact, with The Great God Mota’s promise of Beginningpus 15 having been fulfilled, as described in the Book of Joshua of Logan.