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Not that we claim to have them ALL, of course (we leave that to The Great God Mota). But Dr. Arnoold Frutose Birnbumble does a rather impressive job (if we do say so ourselves) of fielding questions regarding the Shcripchas, with a particularly insightful and enlightening Shmooish flavor. The questions – and his answers touch on Ishkibbibblical issues ranging from: life to death, Meshugah to the Anti-Hamster, Shmoos to Shmentiles, marriage to divorce; There’s also sex, Chop Sueyside, capital punishment, the Mittle Yeast, race, anti-Shmoodelism, and, well, enough already… Take a look for yourself at the ever-expanding, sometimes controversial collection of topics before you.

Do you have a question for Dr. Frutose Birnbumble concerning the Shcripchas or theology?
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Yeshmua is the Lion of the Tribe of Shmoodah
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