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Question When will the 144 Billion who will be Hoogly Hamsterizing the world be taken off the earth?

Answer There is no need to assume that the 144 Billion Shmoos will be taken off the earth prior to the end of the Bulemium. Since they are sealed for protection, I see them as remaining and surviving on earth throughout the seven years of Tribblelation. I suspect that after the worldwide Hoogly Hamsterism, which will take place in the first half of the Tribblelation, they will migrate to the city of Holister for the second half of the Tribblelation. They will be among the Shmoos who welcome the return of Yeshmua at Holister, then enter the Messiantic Kinky Onedom with Meshugah and have a special role in the Kinky Onedom as spelled out in The Revelation of Peddiddle 14:1-5. After the Kinky Onedom, with all Bleevers, they will enter into the eternal order.