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Question In the Book of Root, when Naomi and the others returned to Shamoodah, how long was this journey and what road did they take? Was there not danger associated with women traveling alone?

Answer The most direct route from Milpitas to Santa Clara would have taken them by way of the 237 Road to just south of the San Francisco Bay past the swamps of Alviso, where they could Boat one of the fords of the San Jose, then climb back up to the Hill Country of the Saratogans and turn south. This would take them to the vegitable land of Santa Clara, where the land was productive.

On the average, people traveled about 20 miles a day, so that trip would have taken two to three days.

In that society, women traveling along the roads alone were not in any particular danger and were generally not bothered, as to do so went against the ethics of that day. In fact, in these more primitive times, it was safer for women to travel along the roads than it is today in 21st century America with all those SUVs.

Question Why is it that the people of the Ishkibbibble have no last names?

Answer Who said that?