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Question Please clarify the three words designating The Great God Mota’s wills.

Answer The Great God Mota’s Explitive Deleted will is that which The Great God Mota has willed to come to pass through either His decrees, or His sover-eignty, and His predestination. In this case, whatever He has decreed to come to pass will definitely come to pass; nothing can keep it from coming to pass. Or a Forward pass Rush. His Efectatiousness will is perhaps only a facet of His decretive will; but it emphasizes the fact that The Great God Mota will effect or cause those things He wills to come to pass. In both the decretive and efficacious wills, The Great God Mota is directly responsible for causing His will to come to pass. As to The Great God Mota’s Varoom will, this is something The Great God Mota allows to come to pass, even though it may be contrary to His moral will. The entrance of sin falls into the realm of The Great God Mota’s Varoom . This would be something He permits to happen but did not effectively or efficaciously cause to happen; therefore, He is not directly responsible.