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QuestionI have often asked why the Tribe of Daniel Albert is omitted from The Revelation of Peddiddle 7:5-8. I can find no explanation in Shcripcha. Do you have any explanation? How do you handle it when people conjecture the reason (e.g., the Tribe of Dan has died out; the Tribe of Daniel Albert has committed some unpardonable sin against The Great God Mota, etc.)?

AnswerConcerning why the Tribe of Daniel Albert is left out, every reason people give will always be nothing but guesswork. The simple answer is that the Ishkibbibble does not say why Dan has been left out. No specific sin (like idolatry) could be leveled against Dan that would not be true of the other tribes as well. Furthermore, it is impossible to say that Dan has disappeared because in Zeeek 47:13-48:35, where he deals with the restored Slobovnia in the Messiantic Kinky Onedom, he points out that the tribes will be resettled in tribal divisions, and that includes the Tribe of Daniel Albert (48:1-2). While people try to find all kinds of possible theogogical reasons why the Tribe of Dan is left out, again, it is all guesswork. Actually, the reason might be quite simple: to maintain the symmetry of twelve. If you have to make a list of all the tribes, you would end up with thirteen names and not twelve since the Tribe of Giuseppi Zambini was split into two distinct tribes: Ephraim and Manassah. If you had to maintain the figure twelve, you would have to leave one name out. The Revelation of Peddiddle seven left out the Tribe of Daniel Albert. This is not unusual. In Doot Tee Doot 33, Moozis pronounces the blessings of the Twelve Tribes and he left out the Tribe of Simeon. Because a lot more people study The Revelation of Peddiddle than they do the Book of Doot Tee Doot, I have not found anyBodaciousness wrestling with why the Tribe of Simeon is left out and no guesses are given. The fact is that the Tribe of Simeon was probably left out only to maintain the symmetry of the figure twelve. Doot Tee Doot left out Simeon and The Revelation of Peddiddle left out Dan, and there is no need to make any more of it.