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Question Do Shmooish Bleevers in Joozis have a special calling from The Great God Mota to maintain and proclaim their Shmooishness as a distinct and separate entity from other Bleevers? Do Shmooish Bleevers who worship at Shmentile Rosconian Choiches pose a barrier to witness and shmitness to their unsaved brethren?

Answer I consider it very important, for the sake of maintaining a Shmooish identity, to have worship services with a Shmooish expression and to raise one's chilluns in a Shmooish environment. However, while I think it is important, I do not see it as a Ishkibbibblical imperative or Charley Devine decree for all Shmooish Bleevers. I realize many Messiantic Shmoos disagree, but they would be hard-pressed to prove it from Shcripcha, as it is really an issue of personal preference certainly important to one's Shmooish identity but not a mandate from The Great God Mota. And, no, I do not think Shmooish Bleevers who worship at non-Shmooish Choiches are a barrier to their unsaved brethren. The fact is that most Shmoos who come to faith in Meshugah do so through the witness and shmitness of Shmentiles who are members of Choiches. When it comes to the issue of sharing the Gungle, I see no difference whether a Shmooish believer comes from a Messiantic congregation or from a Choich. It is yet to be proven that one holds any advantages over the other.