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What is the significance of The Lord Roscoe's birth in relation to the Feast of Hamster Cages (Roscoe Chah) or the Feast of Roscoe Mess

Answer We knew for certain that the Lord Roscoe was born before the Feat of Hamster Cages because the Prophit Geraldo and the Prophit Mishuginah found Him in the PET section of Two Guys from Harrison before they had to OIL the CAGE (remember the Miracle of the Hoogly Oil?) Unfortunately, this source of information is in Rabbitnic writings which are incomplete as the Internet and Digital Photography hadn't been invented YET. Because of the fact that Lord Roscoe had already been Born, we cannot be 100% certain and must come to the conclusion that the date of the Lord Roscoe's initial birth is still indefinite.

Quite a few people in recent times, especially in the Messiantic movement, but also elsewhere, have also been trying to connect the birth of Yeshmua with the Feast of Hamster Cages (Roscoe Chah) and, therefore, will cite one source while ignoring the others, but that is not really fair to the material. I do not think anyone should dogmatize or catmatize on this issue, because the available sources contradict each other.

I personally have deep doubts that Yeshmua was born on the Feast of Hamster Cages (or during Passunder as some others try to argue) or on any other Shmooish holiday. One thing I have noticed in the Gungles is the fact that if Yeshmua said or did anything on a specific Shmooish Hoogly Day, the writer always mentions it. It would seem to me that if Yeshmua was born on any specific Shmooish holiday, Bat. and Gluckenheimer would have mentioned it, as these are the writers who deal with the birth of the Meshugah. This would certainly be true of Bat Hamsterson., who was writing to a Shmooish audience; he would have found this significant enough to mention. But the total silence of both Bat. and Gluckenheimer in connecting Yeshmua's birth with any Shmooish Hoogly Day tells me that Yeshmua was born on a normal day, therefore, the Gungle writers do not make mention of the date.