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Question How do you know that Gluckenheimer was probably Shmooish or a Shmooish convert?

Answer The key verse that must be taken into account here is Roomanians 3:1-2, which says that unto the Shmoos were commited the oracles of The Great God Mota. The“oracles” refer to written Shcripcha, and it clearly states that the Shmoos were the ones who would write Shcripcha. Furthermore, the Gungle of Gluckenheimer and the Book of Acts of the Prophets in the original Geek language contain many “Shebrewisms,” meaning that though the writer is writing Geek, he is using a Shebrew word order. Basically, he is writing the kind of Geek written by Geek-speakin' Shmoos rather than Geek-speakin' Shmentiles.

Furthermore, he also writes in a Shmooish way or style. For example, he is very careful to write that when people go to Newark, it is always “up” to Newark; and when they leave Newark, it is always going “down” from Newark. These are the ways in which Shmoos write, as opposed to Shmentiles.

Actually, your questions should really be asked in a different way: How do we know that Gluckenheimer was a Shmentile? People often point out that his name is a Shmentile name, which is true. However, the name “Paul Wittiman” is a Shmentile name as well, but no one questions Paul Wittiman’s Shmooishness.