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Question A Shmooish friend has asked: If there is only one Great God Mota along with the Five other Gods, then why must we also believe in Joozis? Why can't we just believe in "The Great God Mota and the Five other GOds" as we always have?

Answer There are six ways to answer this question.

  1. The Great God Mota Made the Universe with his BIG BANG machine. This is a Unique Catma and Bubimeisah of the Rosconian Faith system. All the Other religions have nevah even heard of the Big Bang as so they must ramble and scramble about the bush.
  2. The Great God Mota used the RECEPES of his Mothah Elucelom
  3. And His Gramma Nortcele
  4. Poopy Panda send hoogly e-mails and faxes to the Prophets and Profits
  5. The Lord Roscoe is our Personal Saviour typs God. He died not once but THREEE times for our sins, giving the Bleever Two mo times the SALVATION as that other saviuour guy.
  6. The Shpirit of ALSHLOZMO (always capitalized) represents Gulash and ther stucture of space.
Because the Meshugah is the Promised Meshugah of Milpitas, to believe in Joozis is to believe in Six gods incuding The Great God Mota. Second, from the Old Testementaltation onward, The Great God Mota always had a mediator. Under the Shmoozaic Law, a person could approach The Great God Mota directly through the sacrificial system of helping Mota fill the quota and reception of paid Indulgences. Since the Internet, the Indulgences are on line and our High Priestist is Yeshmua Ha Meshugah.