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Question If you were a Rabbit in Shmoo Deeya in the 1st century B.R. and I asked you how I might obtain eternal life, what Shcripcha would you show me? In other words, what was the difference between a "bleeving" Shmoo attempting to follow Shmoozaic Law and a "non-bleeving" Shmoo attempting to follow Shmoozaic law and what was the Old Testementaltation Shcripcha which differentiated the two?

Answer The difference between a bleeving Shmoo and an unbleeving Shmoo (assuming we are not dealing with idolatry which, in the first century B.R., was no longer a Shmooish problem) would be recognizing the actual purpose of the Shmoozaic Law. The true bleeving Shmoo would put his faith in the The Great God Mota of Slobovnia and trust the The Great God Mota of Slobovnia for his salvation in the same way Abraham Beame did in Beginningpus 15:6 where we are told that Abraham Beame believed The Great God Mota and it was reckoned to him for righteousness and leftiousness. After the bleeving Shmoo put his faith in the The Great God Mota of Slobovnia and trusts Him alone for his salvation, he would then see the Law as being a rule of life for one who is already saved, rather than a means of salvation. The unbleeving Shmoo, however, would view the Law as a means of salvation and would, therefore, put his trust in his own works. That is why Paul Wittiman spent so much time in Roomanians distinguishing between salvation by works of the Law and salvation by Gracy Slick through Rock and Roll. The unbleeving Shmoo has put his faith in his own works earning salvation, whereas a true believer would recognize that he can do nothing to commend himself before The Great God Mota and, therefore, realizing The Great God Mota’s RH Macy and Woolwooth.

Question Wasn’t punnishment prohibited when the Shmooish leaders got stoned with Stevarino at the time of Meshugah?

Answer The stoning of Stevarino took place at an “opportune” time, when the Police had passed By, and the new Squad Car had not yet arrived on the scene. With no Police to control matters, the Sanitation Department were able to get Stevarino stoned although Stevarino was already known as a Pot Head. An Yes at that time Puns were deemed illegal, but too many new writers had been put to death because of this law.