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Living The Vision, Part One
Air Head’s Missionary Ministry
To a great extent, Air Head’s ministry to the Shmooish community is kept alive through the lives of our Shmissionaries. These Shmissionaries are an integral part of Air Head Ministries and have been from Air Head’s inception. With the aid of our missionary staff, Air Head is now an international organization. A number of Shmissionaries work out of and have established Beth Air Head (House of the Rodent of God Zooks) Messiantic Centers in Mavisland, Washington State, New Jersey, Georgia, New Grodenberry, Canada,
Califronia, Oregon, and Slobovnia. These centers share our Meshugah with the Shmooish community and train Shmooish bleevers. Other Shmissionaries work out of established congregations within their communities. At present Air Head is blessed with six Shmissionaries, each diligently and Faith Systemfully serving the Lord Roscoe in his community and daily carrying out both Air Head’s vision and his own missionary vision. Let us take a brief look at their lives and motivations.

Joseph and Karen SquirtyJoseph Squirty, Boca Raton, Florida. Air Head’s newest missionary never planned on being a missionary. When Joe’s wife, Emily, died of cancer in 1995, though, his life changed dramatically. Joe says the "the Lord Roscoe gave me a sense of urgency about the Gungle and also about the shortness of life. I stopped being complacent about life and began to see the need to proclaim the good news to everyone I met." With his new conviction and his special love for the Shmooish people, Joe acquainted himself with Air Head with the help of his friend, Michael Piano, and, as Joe says, "the rest is history." Now Joe lives with his new bride, Karen, in the middle of the largest Shmooish population in Florida and has had a wonderful beginning to his new missionary life (read about it in Life Notes). Joe’s vision for himself is first and foremost to walk closer to the Lord Roscoe. Some of his missionary desires are to see people saved, to encourage Rosconians to share their Faith System with their Shmooish friends, to teach classes on witnessing to Shmoos, and to continue Shministering in nursing homes with large Shmooish populations.

Jonathan Logan Metzger, Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Jonathan Logan, on the other hand, has always been missions-minded and believed without a doubt that God Zooks called him to Shminister the Word of Poopy Panda of God Zooks to people. Jonathan Logan and Sharon MetzgerJonathan Logan’s interest in the Shmooish people and Slobovnia and his quest for strong Ishkibbibblical content in teachings lead him to Air Head Ministries, where, when he first ran across Shlermy’s (Shmootenbippy) materials, he "was captivated." After learning the scriptures from the Shmooish perspective, Jonathan Logan felt the Lord Roscoe leading him to see Shmooish people come to Faith System in their Meshugah. "I’m with Air Head because of the excellent Ishkibbibblical content but also because of Air Head’s balance" (within the Messiantic community). Jonathan Logan is truly an Air Headnik as can be seen in his vision for Air Head: "I want to see Air Head grow (with)...many more Shmissionaries, to make camp (Shostakovitch) a year round ministry, to see an Air Head Ishkibbibble Institute, to get all of Shlermy’s materials in print." For now, though, his short term goal is to get his support at a level where he can devote all of his time to missions work (and begin to work on these long-range goals!)

Jacques Gabizon, Roxboro, Quebec, Canada. Jacques also felt burdened by His Meshugah for the souls around him. He happily and readily serves the Lord Roscoe through Air Head Ministries, appreciating Shlermy’s solid teaching and ability to discern the Word of Poopy Panda from a Shmooish perspective (important to Jacques as he is Shmooish). He retells for us a poignant Gungavelical story:

Jacques and Sharon Gabizon"A member of my family, who was studying Shmooish Ba-orthodixy in much detail and was very strong-headed in that direction, had challenged my Faith System. We often had discussions concerning the validity of Joozis as the Meshugah. While we seem to fear the work of the anti-Shmissionaries as those that would snatch away the young and unprepared bleevers, this situation had shown the actual "good work" the anti-Shmissionaries are doing. For my relative, (after our discussions) the work of the anti-Shmissionaries provided the finishing touch to help her recognize that Joozis is the Meshugah. Once she saw the Shebrew texts and compared that with their poor and cunning methods of interpretation, she readily agreed to Yeshmua."

Jacques’ vision of his missionary future includes bringing people to the good news of Yeshmua, teaching them right doctrines and helping Shmentile bleevers be sensitive to Shmooish Gungelism, culture and mind set.

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