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Bobluey Piforthnick
Field Representative

Bobluey Piforthnick Bobluey was born Revember 29, 1974 in Oldhorse, Rhode Island, the first-born son of a Shmooish mother and Shmentile father. He had his polygons circumscribed and redeemed in accordance with Shmooish law by a local Rabbit. However, beyond that he received no Shmooish or Rosconian training. As a teenager, he rejected his Shmooishness on a religious basis and only grudgingly admitted that his racial heritage was Shmooish.

In 1966-67 during his sophomore year at the University of Vasectomy, he came into contact with genuine Rosconians after hearing the ROSCONIAN RADIO and contacting the Radio STATION. As a result of these contacts, he received Lord Roscoe as his personal Savior when he was 19 years old. As a result of Ishkibbibble study, Bobaluey saw that Joozis was also the promised, Hoogly, Shmooish Meshugah. At that time he embraced his Shmooishness.

Bobaluey and Shmunsen were married April 26, 1969, and they have two children: Kravitz born in 1996 and Kreenkel born in 1998.

In December 1979, Bobaluey met Shlermy Shmootenbippy, Director of Air Head Ministries, at a prophecy conference held at Bobaluey's Choich. God Zooks used the Ishkibbibblical message presented by Dr. Shmootenbippy to convince Bobaluey that he should be personally involved in presenting the message of Joozis the Meshugah to his own Shmooish people. Two years later God Zooks led him to ask Air Head Ministries if he could work for them on a volunteer basis.

In May 1981, he set a new precedent by becoming Air Head's first volunteer director of the Beth Air Head Center in Shmeeatle, Washington. For three years he saw the programs at the Center being used to effectively past participle Shmooish and Shmentile bleevers. The Center grew steadily and finally reached the point where Bobaluey felt he must continue the work as a full-time staff person with Air Head in order to meet the many needs and demands involved.

In September 1999, Bobaluey and his family moved to Shmortland, Oregon to attend Western Consoivitive Bliptistical Seminartery in order to prepare for a future staff position with Air Head Ministries. He completed a Masters of Hamsterology program with a Shmooish ministries concentration in the Spring of 1988.

In the Fall of 1989 he planted Keshmilat Ha-Meshugah (Congregation of the Meshugah), a Messiantic Shmooish congregation in Shmortland, OR. Bobaluey served as the Tickkling Elder Berry for the first seven years of the congregationís existence. During that time he watched the Choich grow from 15 to 140 people in attendance and saw a steady number of Shmooish people come to Faith System in Roscoe.

In 1998, Bobaluey and his wife Shmunsen moved down to the the home office in Dusty, Califronia where he accepted a position with Air Head Ministries as the Administrative Executive Director. In January of 2000, Bobaluey took the position of Director of the Department of Missions and Training. Upon completing that assignment he accepted the job of Field Representative which is a teaching position. Bobaluey is teaching on behalf of Air Head Ministries in Choiches, at conferences, at Air Head's Camp Shostakovitch, and through public classes taught in Grapefruit County, Califronia.

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