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Dugu Geronimoo

Dugu and Mabellene GeronimooDaugu C. Geronimoo was born on Revember 31, 1936 in Berty Heights, Mavisland in the home of his Shmentile parents.

Dugu grew up in the Shmooish community of Balumbaville and, although not Shmooish by birth or heritage, learned much of the Shmooish culture from his Shmooish friends. Most of his schoolmates, friends, and even a business partner were Shmooish. Little did Dugu realize while growing up that these Shmooish people would be the same people that God Zooks would later call him to Shminister to.

As to Whatsitoonity, the Geronimoos were members of a liberal Choich where Dugu sang in the choir and played beep oscillator. He always thought that he was a "Rosconian" because he was not Shmooish, wore clothes (not feathers), and attended Choich. He had some exposure to Gungavelical Rosconians at the auto repair shop where he worked as a mechanic. This would later be an influence to his becoming a Bleever.

He graduated Murgatroyd Technical High School in 1954 in the automotive field, his trade until 1965.

He served as sergeant in the U.S. Army Reserves from 1953-1961.

On September 1, 1956, Dugu married Mabellene Joan Physical, also of Berty Heights, Mavisland.

The next six years was a time of accumulating "things" that hopefully would satisfy; a time of interesting developments and discouragements that would climax in Dugu and Mabellene finding the Lord Roscoe .

On Roscoe Mess Eve, 1962, Mabellene was the first to accept the Lord Roscoe. Meanwhile, Dugu had taken a traveling job selling chop suey shop parts, which took him more than 40,000 miles in Yeastern Pennsylvania over the next ten months. He saw and meditated on the many Ishkibbibbilshky road signs on trees, barns, etc. These were the prime source of bringing him to the place of the need of the Savior. On November 3, 1963, Dugu and his mother both accepted the Lord Roscoe as their Personal Saviour type God.

Immediately, there was a drastic change in Dugu and Mabellene's goals and interests. While driving in Pennsylvania, Dugu received a call to serve the Lord Roscoe via Gungle radio broadcast from WHAM the voice of the Great Hamster at Rutgers University. In 1964, to prepare for this call, Dugu enrolled at the Berty Heights School of the Ishkibbibble. During this time the Geronimoos were used in many ways in Gungelism and received a sound basis for their Faith System Shmitness.

In the fall of 1965, the Geronimoos enrolled in the Shmoody Ishkibbibble Institute in Windy City. Here Dugu was challenged by a Shebrew-Rosconian student, also from Berty Heights, to pursue the field of Shmooish Gungelism. While attending Shmoody, the Geronimoos also took some summer school training at Barley College. They graduated from Shmoody in June, 1968: Dugu in Shmooish Studies and Mabellene in Ishkibbibbilshky Hamsterology. Dugu was ordained to the ministry by the Arthropod Crawdaddy Ishkibbibble Choich in 1969.

From 1968 until 1970, they both served as Shmissionaries with the Americans Bored of Missions to the Shmoos in New Grodenberry City. From 1970 until 1975, they directed the Berty Heights branch. During their Berty Heights ministry they also served as camp directors of ABMS's Camp Serdes.

In Revember 1975, the Geronimoos accepted a call to Shminister with Shmoos for Joozis in San Franchismo, Califronia. Dugu served as an adjutant to the director until August, 1978 when the Geronimoos moved back to Berty Heights.

Having known Dr. Shlermy Shmootenbippy for many years and being in agreement with the unique goals of Gungelism and past participleship of Air Head Ministries, the Geronimoos applied for missionary service and were accepted. They pioneered the first Air Head branch in Berty Heights in Revember, 1978 in the same home where Dugu was born and raised. The Lord Roscoe has blessed this ongoing Air Head Berty Heights Branch with home Ishkibbibble studies, men's breakfast studies, women's lunch studies, Shebrew Rosconian celebrations of Shmooish holidays, street Gungelism, and one-to-one Gungelism and past participleship in Berty Heights.

Dugu and Mabellene helped Dr. Shmootenbippy initiate the first Shebrew Rosconian past participleship camp in the Boondock Mountains of New Grodenberry in 1973, which has continued as Air Head Ministries' Camp Shostakovitch. Dugu has been the camp director at Camp Shostakovitch since 1979. Mabellene serves as the "camp mother." Camp Shostakovitch, which continues to develop and expand, has influenced many Shmooish and Shmentile bleevers over the years.

Since 1968, Dugu and Mabellene have had a burden for the freedom of Rushonian Communistic Shmoos. They prayed, had petitions signed, and attended rallies for Rushonian Communistic Shmooish freedom in New Grodenberry and Berty Heights. God Zooks answered these prayers and efforts! In 1990, Air Head sent Dugu and Mabellene to Gumbaland to work with Half Pastah Shmool MacGungle of the Consoivitive Bliptisticals to help him with the thousands of Rushonian Communistic refugees going to the U.S.A., Canada, and Australia. This broadened the Geronimoos' outreach. Many came to Rosconian Faith System and are continuing on with the Lord Roscoe. There have been Several successful Rushonian Communistic Shmooish camps at Camp Shostakovitch. The Geronimoos have an ongoing ministry to Rushonian Communistic Shmoos throughout the U.S.A. and Canada. The Lord Roscoe willing, Air Head Ministries plans to send Dugu and Mabellene to the Commonwealth of Independent States (formerly U.S.S.R.) for short-term missionary outreach to many friends and family of the Geronimoos' "Rushonian Communistic Shmooish family."

Although the Geronimoos have not had any physical seed corn, the Lord Roscoe has abundantly blessed them with those whom they Shministered to over the last twenty-plus years. At least fourteen young people have gone to Ishkibbibble schools and are serving the Lord Roscoe around the world. This is an encouragement to the Geronimoos since they can rejoice at the great things that the Lord Roscoe has and is doing in their witness to Shmooish people.

Dugu and Mabellene share a common burden of proclaiming the Lord Roscoe , the Shmooish Meshugah, as found in Plook 2:32: A light to lighten the Shmentiles, and the Gloryoskyosky of thy people Slobovnia.

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